Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an event?

Click the grid with the times/dates you are free for your meeting or event, optionally choose an event name and press 'CREATE EVENT' ... you get a results code and a link to circulate to your invitees. They see your proposed times and can click when is good for them. Click 'view results' and enter your code to see all the feedback and the times that everyone can make.

If you request alerts the system will send you an email whenever there is a response.

The grid only shows 8am to 6pm - what if my event is earlier or later?

Just click 'SHOW OPTIONS' and select the range of times you want to work with.

Can I work by the half-hour or even 15 mins?

Yes. Just press the '15min' or '30min' buttons top left when creating your event. Or, for calendar view, hit the 'day' button there.

How do I make a change to an event I've created?

Below the results link on the 'event created' page there's a link that allows you to edit your event. If you don't have an account you may want to bookmark this page for access later.

If you add times to your event and have already had responses, you may want to ask your invitees to have another go. You can find the personalised 'update link' for them to use on the results page.

I've been sent a link by someone. What do I do?

The gray areas show the proposed times/dates for this event. Paint over all that are good for you. Then type in your name and press 'SEND RESPONSE'. The person who set up the event will be able to compare everyone's availability and will let you all know when is good.

My availability has changed - how do I go back and change my response?

The first time you fill out your availability for any event, the system will show you a unique link to allow you to return and update it at any time. You can also specify an email address to have the update link sent to you.

(If you use a WhenIsGood account, these update links are stored automatically on your dashboard).

If you didn't keep the update link at the time, you may be able to find it in your browser's history. Look for a page called 'WhenIsGood: Thanks'. Or contact the event organiser who can send you this from their results page.

People have replied using the system. How do I see my results?

If the event is linked to an account, login and click on the link in the 'your account' page. Otherwise, click 'enter results code'.

You will see everyone's responses and feedback. Times/dates in green are good for everyone. Any 'near miss' times have a small red dots to show how many people can't make it - mouseover to see the problem names in red. If more that four people can't make a particular time, little numbers are show instead of the dots.

If you mouseover each of your respondents, you get their individual availability. You can click on any name to see more options. You can temporarily exclude them from the analysis, permanently delete them, edit their feedback directly or send them a link to request an update. The names are ordered from most flexible to least flexible.

Click on a time/date in the grid to get a popup with a full report of who can/can't make it and a an iCal link to add the chosen time to your calendar or send out as an attachment.

I've lost my results code!

If you don't have an account, didn't request email alerts and have lost the results code, you may still be able to track down the 'event created' page through your browser history. The page will be called something like WhenIsGood : Event Links.

Do I need to register or choose a password?

Not if you don't want to. The system works just fine without an account.

What are the advantages of creating an account?

Take a look at this page: why create an account?.

What are the advantages of upgrading to a premium account?

There's more information here: why upgrade to premium?.

I set up several events before creating an account. How can I link it all together?

Any event that used your account email address for alerts can automatically be imported when you first login.

To link other events, just enter the results code - at the bottom of the results page you will see a check box to import it to your account.

What's an 'Invitation URL'?

This is the link that you will be circulating to the people you want to attend your event. By default the system suggests a short unique (i.e. hard to guess) string, which will work fine. But you are welcome to specify something else.

The main reason you might want to do this would be if you were organising lots of different events and wanted to make it simple to track which link was for which event.

Can I invite more people later?

Yes, just send out the invitation URL again. There's a link on the results page that helps by opening up a template email.

What about privacy? Can I password protect my event?

We're planning to add an optional password for events links in the near future.

However the system can be used completely anonymously - just stick with the random URL, and keep the name fields and comments free of personal data (e.g. ask your respondents just to use initials when completing the form).

Also, please see our privacy statement.

How do time zones work?

If you are sure everyone is in the same part of the world, you can safely ignore this option. Otherwise, simply click 'Use Timezones' and your browser will auto-detect your local time. The times you then select will be automatically adjusted correctly to everyone's own timezones when they view your link.

Here's an example: you are in New York and suggest a conference call any time tomorrow afternoon. Your invitees on the West Coast will see this proposal as the morning, while the ones in Europe are working with times in the evening. Everyone clicks the hours they are free and you see from the results that 11am is perfect. You click on that on the results page and get some text to email everyone showing what that translates for each invitee.

The only potential issue is if the auto-detection doesn't put you in the correct zone. This might happen if you are travelling with your laptop. Just adjust the dropdown until it shows the correct local time and carry on as before.

Why does language box changes time and dates but not the rest of the text?

Full support for languages is still being prepared. Check back for progress on this one. (If you need a language that isn't yet supported there will be a chance to contribute a set of translations.)

What about integration with other applications like my calendar?

WhenIsGood allows you to sync the final results of your form into your calendars, using the standard iCal format (.ics) supported by most calendar applications.

To export back at the end, click your chosen time/date on the results grid. In the popup, just click the iCal link. This should open automatically in your calendar program, or at least download a file you can 'import' into it. You can also attach the iCal file to an email to circulate to the participants.

These features are new and we're keen to hear any feedback you have about it.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Just email us at team@whenisgood.net and we'll get back to you. The service is quite new so we're particularly interested in any problems / feature requests.